3 Alternative Uses for Bronzer

If you’re pale AF like me chances are bronzer may well be one of your most underused products or most regretted purchases. Ever bought a bronzer only to realize once you get home that it’s way too dark to wear without a fake tan? Me too. I have a drawer full of them. Or maybe you’re sick of buying a bronzing quad that you can only use half of – exhibit A the Revlon bronzer in the image above.

how to use bronzer and highlighter?

Half of the Photoready bronzing quad was perfect – a lovely, subtle, and buildable bronze shade that gave life to my face. The other half just made me look dirty. Because I don’t really self-tan that much anymore, and also out of sheer laziness/running late for work-ness I began to look for other uses for the product.

Alternative use 1: As an eyeshadow

I’m not particularly adventurous with eye shadow colors at the best of times so I must admit most of my collection skews towards the bronze end of the spectrum anyway but even if you do prefer more of a statement eye look, applying a little bronzer in the crease first works well to help blend out bolder shades. My go-to ‘running late for work’ eye shadow application is a bronzer in the crease with a pop of highlight on the lid. If you spend as much time as you have spare on blending them out no one will know it’s not eye shadows that you have used.

Alternative use 2: As a blush

If traditional bronzer application methods (think the 3 on the side of your face technique) can leave you looking like A: you’re severely sunburnt or B: you’ve experienced an Oompa Loompa spray tan gone wrong, try wearing bronzer as you would blush. A light dusting over the cheeks only can give you a bronzed appearance without looking too orange.
Alternative use 3: As a contour

Die-hard contouring addicts and make-up artists will tell you that contouring with a bronzer is a no-no but when you’re still a beginner at the art of face sculpting a natural-looking result can be hard to achieve. Practicing contouring with a bronzer can help you get to know the high and low points of your face, and also get your head around the original concept of contouring – that is- to add depth and create shadows. Just make sure you are using a completely matte product without ANY shimmer or glitter.

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Do you use bronzer for more than just bronzer?

Let me know your ideas about how I can use up those pesky darker shades in the comments!