5 Worst Sleeping Positions To Avide While Sleep

There are days that you wake up feeling well-rested and limber and there are some days that you wake up with pains and aches. Such differences may be attributed to your sleeping positions. While it is hard to control your sleeping habits once you are asleep, it is possible to prime yourself for a good night’s sleep through starting out in the proper position. Similarly, bad positions may have a negative effect on your sleep quality and health.

Below are the 5 best and worst sleeping positions:

5. On Your Side

A lot of specialists consider sleeping on your side as the best option. It does not strain any parts of the body and is comfortable for those who experience pain in their joints the whole day. The most typical variety of this sleeping style is sleeping with the legs bent slightly, which brings the knees in towards your chest. Curling slightly is especially comfortable for those who have a bad back because bringing knees up and in may help stretch the muscles in your back. If your position is not overdone, a slight stretch will ease your aching back without adding or contributing any pre-existing back issues.

4. On Your Back with Arms Raised

This sleeping position is also called starfish position, which has the same perks as sleeping on your back arms at your sides. But, this could lead to snoring, and having arms raised above your head for a particular period of time may lead to shoulder pain. If you sleep like this frequently, you might experience aches in your upper back and shoulders to the way you are sleeping.

3. On Your Back with Arms At the Sides

This sleeping position alleviates tension in the neck and spine. See to it that when you are on your back, your head should be supported yet not tilted too much. Too much angle may cause neck pain that could defeat the purpose of this type of sleeping position. The disadvantage of this is it’s frequently accompanied by snoring. It’s also not recommended for those who have sleep apnea.

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Sleeping on your back can also offer you beauty benefits. For example, it will keep your face away from your pillow that has some dirt particles, which could contribute to acne. In addition to that, sleeping with your face away from your sheets can help keep the wrinkles at bay.

2. On Your Stomach

It’s widely considered as the worst sleeping position. It strains your neck and could cause serious pain. This sleeping position can also restrict breathing for the reason that your nose and mouth are partially covered by your pillow.

1. Curled Up

Several individuals prefer sleeping on their sides, yet rather than slightly bending their legs, they actually bring them all the way to your chests. This position might be comfortable at first, yet it could cause neck pain and might restrict breathing. This could also lead to back pain once your back is stretched too much. If you like to stretch your back, you may consider doing stretches before bed. It might help you to stay away from this kind of sleeping position.