Flawless Legs Finishing Touch REVIEW

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs, flawless legs review is an ergonomic, pain-free hair removal device with four floating heads. It claims to be a new gold standard and instant painless hair removal designed with an 18-carat gold plated head. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs alleges to gently remove hair with no soap and no water making it perfect […]

Matte Red Lipstick Showoff

Matte Red Lipstick review: I did a thing over at the Dub Loft which was pretty fun for me. I got to test out a bunch of lippies! Specifically, some matte reds (because you know Valentines is right around the corner!). Now my lips are perpetually dry so I generally don’t wear Matte Red Lipstick, […]

Best Eye Makeup Ideas

 Best eye makeup ideas are about what most women were looking for today. Classy women who adore eye makeup want to have long-lasting makeup for their eyes. Best eye makeup actually depends on the coloring, skin tone, face skin, and eye shape. However, you will probably question what colors that flatter the skin tone and pop […]

How to Lose Weight With Daily Dieting Plan

Daily diet plan for weight loss: A lot of people are wondering about how to lose weight by dieting. Some people think that just by exercising they can lose the unwanted weight that they have. But the truth is, it is essential to also watch the food that you are eating. You don’t have to […]

Tips To Lose Weight In A Week

A lot of people are wondering if there are any tips to lose weight in a week. To some, this is possible because they don’t have the determination yet. But if you are determined to lose weight in just a week, then knowing the things that you can do to be able to achieve this […]

How To Diet And Loss Weight

A weight-loss diet can help you to get your favorite weight and enhance your look. Are you trying to lose weight? Did you know that this is not just about exercising but as well as eating, right? Find out how to eat right and lose weight with the information provided below. As you all know, […]


I went to a Wet n Wild LIPSTICK REVIEW press event a few weeks back and got to play around with some goodies to show you guys! These are the liquid catsuit a.k.a matte liquid lipsticks the brand has come out with. They describe it as. WET N WILD LIQUID CATSUIT MATTE LIPSTICK What glides on like […]