Baby Development Plan Month By Month

First month

– An infant has sucked and swallow reflexes
– When infant awake, look your face directly and listen to your voice
– When you play with an infant, can push with legs or arms
– When lying down, try to turn around
– Try to suck his/her finger
– Most hours of the day, infants will sleep, but every 2 or 3 hours, infants will be wake up and try to do feed.
– Infant try to hold the finger if you put his/her palm of the hand

Baby Development Plan

Second month

– Infant can recognize different voices and faces
– Watch your moves by his/her eyes
– Try to suck everything can he/her hold
– Can hold a toy one or two-second which he/she hold.
– Infants try to choose the position for his/her sleep.

Third month

– Will make nice, and contact with the world.
– Don’t want to stay alone.
– Colorful toys that make noise interested by him/her.
– Can follow an object by eyes or head.
– Can take 7 or 8 hours night sleep without feeding.
– Can move the head by knee’s when sleep face down.

Fourth month

– Can reach an object which you show and hold it.
– I can sit with support.
– Can recognize strangers.

Fifth month

– React any voice, look for who make the noise,
– When you play with him/her, smile to you.
– Try to touch, hold and taste everything, and change a toy from one hand to another.
– Time of sleeping and feeding will be much more regular.

Sixt month

– Infant can make a little bit crawl
– Change a toy from one hand to another.
– Enjoy shaking toys that make a sound.

Seventh month

– Infant crawl better this month.
– Try to stand up and stay on feet.
– Try to imitate sounds and words.

Eighth month

– Try to analyze objects instead of trying to taste it.
– Can sit without help
– Enjoy playing with others.
– Always want to be close to the mother, realize that a mother is a life source.

Ninth month

– Can control his/her body and standing up by support.
– Crawl perfectly
– Can hold object easy
– Can link object together like tv to remote control?
– I can understand simple words or orders like come.
– Have new fears like loun sound.

Tenth month

– try to climb upstairs
– start to like some specific toys
– help you when you dress up him/her

Eleventh month

– When on feet; receive objects from the ground
– Recognize big and small
– Drink water by the glass

Twelfth month

– Prefer to walk than sitting
– It has one or two favorite toys to prefer to play.
– When talk or act, try to copy you
– If you ask politely, he/she share His/her toys, but if you ask rude he/her will throw them
– pronounce austere worlds like a mother, father, etc.

Make Your Home Safe For Your Baby At 8 Steps

1. Put safety covers on the electrical sockets.

2. All the cables of the electrical appliances must be hidden. Baby shouldn’t reach the cables.

3. Windows must have locks or guard rails.

4. For the duplex houses, there must be doors at the beginning and end.

5. The stuff that the baby can climb on must be away from the Windows.

6. Glass doors must be changed with the unbreakable doors.

7. Fixate the doors with some stuff like plastic hooks or locks.

8. Some door locks may be at a low level. You must change the location of the locks with an upper location because your baby may be locked in a room.