How to Straighten Hair with a Straightener Brush

How to Straighten Hair with a Straightener Brush

Either you have brought yourself up to speed with today’s hair technology by buying or you are thinking about buying one. Yes, I am talking about one of the best things to ever hit the hair care market. The straightening brush, a true advancement in haircare. Almost everyone is familiar with the flat iron, but … Read more



There are a number of products that I NEED during the wintertime or else I end up looking (and feeling) like a dried up prune. These are a MUST in my books! FASHION PRODUCTS. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier   If there’s one thing I need during the winter (and summer.. let’s be real), is … Read more

What Is Makeup Primer and How to Apply It

How do you apply face primer

How do you apply face primer tips about mixing coloring and correction of Makeup Primer. Primers can be confusing. It’s a simple statement for a complicated matter. There are different bases, colors, uses, and textures. Where do you even start?! I hope this post will be beneficial, and please let me know if there are … Read more