Best steam curling iron: I love curly hair. Maybe it’s the fact that my hair is pin-straight, super long and I have so much of it  (I’m not complaining!) but I’ve always loved the looks of curls and waves. I am, however, low maintenance when it comes to my hair but a lot of that stems from a) me not having many tools, b) not knowing what to do with my hair and c) my hair likes to be straight and that’s it.



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Here is a photo of the 8 different barrels that comes in this package. My absolutely favorite and most used as been the inverted 13/25mm barrel. Since my hair is so long I find it very difficult to get a curl to hold, especially near my roots. However, because it is tighter, I get a nicer, longer-lasting curl. Below is a video from my Instagram modeling the curls I got from this particular barrel.

I FELL IN LOVE. My hair looks nice and shiny (I do use a heat protectant as well) however these barrels are ceramic, tourmaline infused. What’s that mean?

About tourmaline:
The tourmaline technology with negative ions makes sure the heat is evenly distributed to protect your hair from excessive heating preventing damage and leaves your hair smooth and shiny by sealing hair oils, color and moisture in — Irresistible Me

It’s a semi-precious stone that is crushed and usually fused together, or layered on top of Ceramic or Titanium materials to give you a MEGA negative ion boost. Adding Tourmaline to the ceramic actually makes for an even smoother glide so that there’s way less friction with hair than ceramic alone. This helps hair to receive less damage, need less product, and get red carpet-worthy shine.

Basically, Best steam curling iron the pairing makes for a great marriage with less damage than some others.

It comes in this roll-able, black leather case with pockets to fit each barrel and the wand. It clips in the middle to make for a medium-sized pouch. It would make for a nice travel buddy if you needed more than one barrel with you. It also comes with a heat resistant glove, which is about the same as other heat resistant gloves in my opinion. It is smoother but I find a cheap, thick winter mitt keeps the heat away from the best. It also comes with a rest for the barrel to prevent any damage to surfaces.

It has a “lock-in” feature to secure the barrels in the wand and prevent any displacements. Make sure to really push in the wand else it won’t lock up properly (you won’t be able to turn it so you’ll know when it’s secured). There is a display on the handle which lets you know the temperature of the barrel. It’s easy to work, up and down arrows for raising and lowering heat. Just hold the power button to turn on or off.

I found it easy to use, twirl your hair on the barrel starting from your root, hold for a few seconds and voila! In the photo, I’m using the pearl wand which is supposed to give a more natural curl. My hair didn’t hold it quite well but I got a nice natural wave afterward. Also seen in the photo below (with my selfie stick!).

Tip To Use:

  • Use a heat resistant spray before you use any curling iron for extra protection.
  • Also, make sure to use hair serums/moisturizing sprays to give life to your hair but always

Overall Best steam curling iron I really like the wand. It’s easy to use and easy to store which is important to me. The price is more than a single wand however I believe it’s very reasonable considering how much more you get. They also list price comparisons to competing brands like NuMe and Bellami.

What do you use to curl your hair? What are your favorite products? comment below and help us to find the best product for our visitors.