Tips on Buying Wigs on eBay

Ever want to buy a wig from eBay and had no idea where to start. You see, all the images of models looking so cute with that perfect wigs, and it’s only $10!!! You buy it! Get it in the mail only to find out it looks like spaghetti. I’m here to show you how you can lower your chances of buying shitty wigs because there are A TON out there, but there is also a gold mine of inexpensive, good quality wigs too! Useful if you’re looking for cosplay wigs, or just like to change things up like me. buying wigs on eBay

 I Preferred To Buy At Amazon 

Tips on Buying Wigs on Amazon

STEP ONE: Getting In The Right Category.

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Find the “wigs, extensions, and accessories” category on eBay, find the “choose more” option and pick what you’re looking for. If you just want a full wig, not extensions, choose so under “Style.” I’m looking for a pink wig, so I choose straight, full wig and pink under the appropriate options. Click ‘GO’ and let’s go Go GO! Also, by default, my eBay lists items by “lowest by price + shipping” because I’m a cheapo. To learn how to buying wigs on eBay:

STEP TWO: Things to watch out for:

Only model pictures – if you find a seller who is advertising a wig that looks amazing on a model but doesn’t have photos of the wig itself. Chances are you’re not going to get that wig. Skip it.

Wig pictures are too small – if you can’t enlarge the photo and it’s OK to look at it. you may want to skip it. I like to look at the detail because someone can easily list something as high quality, but it takes more time to deceive by photo than writing. The photo has been altered – remember that the photo has most likely been altered to look it’s best, so just keep that in mind. It still may look shiny in real life, so try and look for the most realistic photos.

Watermarked photos. that don’t belong to the seller! – I try and not buy from sellers who steal images. I often come across wig sellers advertising a beautiful wig that meets all my other requirements, but I notice that the watermark doesn’t belong to the store. In that case, I have no idea what I’m getting. So you have two options: a) contact the seller and question them about it or, b) skip it. Now, a lot of the photos are marked from “Taobao” sites, which I think is something similar to eBay in China. Please don’t quote me on that. So, I really don’t know how to check for authenticity there since they may very well carry the same wigs.

You get what you pay for – don’t expect to pay $10 for a wig and get good quality. Sorry, it’s not going to happen — no way around this. Keep in mind the quality – Japanese kanekalon is a higher quality synthetic hair that is inexpensive. Human hair is the most natural-looking, but it will cost you $$ (it’s worth it though if you want something that will last).

STEP THREE: pick a few styles of the wig you like, then choose

I also have a few picks out that I like, then choose the one I like the most. Don’t forget to look at the seller ratings and feedback before you choose. They ARE important! You can have 95% positive ratings, but the feedback may sway you differently.

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STEP FOUR: buy and wait!

For the pictures featured on this site, I bought a pink wig from hours24store for @22.26CAD Now, looking through the rest of their wig pictures, I don’t know if I would order some because of the reasons I listed above, I might have lucked out on this one! This is the exact listing for the wig I bought, and this is a listing from the same seller selling the same design in different colors.


buying wigs on ebay: The wig I bought is very good quality. It’s not very shiny, and although it wasn’t listed as so, I believe it’s Japanese Kanekalon; it’s the same texture as my other Japanese Kanekalon wigs.
I wasn’t expecting it to be as long as it is (I measured 95 CM, but other sellers who sell the same design have listed it as 100CM). I personally think it’s too long for just an everyday look, but for cosplay, it’s excellent!

Now well, all know I have a two-finger forehead, the bangs are too long for me, and I have to wear them to the side. I’ll be buying the same design wig in a different color for a cosplay I’ll be doing at the end of May (SO excited to write about that), so I’ll have to chop the bangs myself! I do find that the wig tangles easily, but I don’t care about that much. So what do you guys think, does pink suit me? Haha, I’m not too sure. I definitely think I look better as a brunette.

I was going to battle myself in this post with wigs, but I decided that would be for another time, and I would focus on wig buying instead! NOW, I have a favorite seller that sells amazing quality wigs, but they sell more alternative colors. I bought my red wig for my Poison Ivy costume there.

These were from 2011, if you’re going this year, let me know! 🙂 I’m actually going as an anime character for once. Lol, I don’t watch anime, but I love dressing up, so it’s a great time for me but.. I wanted actually to cosplay as anime and picked a great one out. I actually watched the anime too, so I got to know my character and surprisingly liked it! It’s a secret for now